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It’s a no-brainer that co-ed activities are a great way to make new friends and meet potential dates.Chicago is filled with endless options ranging from co-ed sports like beach volleyball, dodgeball, and kickball to activities like improv classes at Second City or i O.Their achievements vary widely, but each was nominated, researched, and debated before being added to the list.What emerged from this process is a more accomplished group than ever before, and so for the first time, we’ve decided to include their professional titles alongside their names.By evening I’ve received a response, from a woman on Girlfriend Social who recently relocated from New York.I reply, gushing about how much I love the States, but then hear nothing back. John Cecchi Assistant Vice President, The IDI Group Inc. George Chopivsky III Vice President, Simpson Property Group Mr.

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Throughout the 1980s, he sought to pay the debt back by exporting the country's agricultural and industrial production.Alice-Azania Jarvis tries the online option – with surprising results.Earlier this year, I left my job at a newspaper to go freelance.Andrew Baldwin Advocate, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, U. Danielle Crutchfield Director of Scheduling, Office of the President, The White House. Philip Deutch Managing Partner, NGP Energy Technology Partners Mr. Marissa Coleman Guard and Forward, Washington Mystics Mr. Anne Corbett Executive Director, Cultural Development Corporation, City of Washington Mr. Jen Corey Apprentice, Washington National Opera; Miss District of Columbia 2009 Mr.