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I honestly thought that everyone inside was secretly bursting with the yearning to do a great job on they laid their hands to – and only poor management stopped America from being a wonderful place, where even the poorest septic tank cleaner looked forward joyfully to scraping that last bit of fecal residue off of the bowl.

When it came my turn to pick wilted lettuce up off the floor with pride, I realized my Mom was a big fat liar.

Do Not Have Servers My mom thought it would be really fun to have servers walking around with trays of appetizers at my wedding. Your guests will care a lot more about actually eating appetizers than how it is presented to them, and you won’t have to pay the extra wait staff.3. When you book your wedding reception venue, make sure to ask if it is okay to bring your own beverages (B. Many guests will have a drink when they arrive at the reception while they are waiting for the festivities to begin and will not have a second drink.

Go Simple Your guests will probably be hungry when they arrive at the reception, and most of them will not care what they eat as long as they can have some sort of snack before dinner. Others will leave after dinner is served and will not even be there for the second half to enjoy an open bar.

It’s not just for looking pretty though, the teapot is dishwasher and microwave safe. AJ Teapot With Typography: £72, Another Arne Jacobsen classic.

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And my brain and my penis, in much the same way that stars align every couple of centuries or so, suddenly agreed on something. You see, my mother had been brought me up to believe that if you did a job, you did it well and with pride – even if it was scrubbing rancid fry residue out of the greasetraps at Mc Donald’s.In the Yucatán, the Mayas cultivated the earliest know cocoa plantations.The cocoa pod was often represented in religious rituals, and the texts their literature refer to cocoa as the god’s food The Aztecs attributed the creation of the cocoa plant to their god Quetzalcoatl who, descended from heaven on a beam of a morning star carrying a cocoa tree stolen from paradise.Encased in hand blown glass, the central infuser can be raised with a silicon string once you are happy the desired strength of tea has been reached. Jansen Co My Teapot: £47.50, Designer Anouk Jansen’s bright and jolly tea service is made up mugs, teapots, jugs and cake stands with lids and handles in contrasting colours.The teapot comes in three versions; the fun part is deciding how best to mix and match them with the rest of the collection. Stelton Cylinda-Line AJ Teapot: £209, Danish super designer Arne Jacobsen created this teapot for Stelton, breaking with all the rules of a traditional pot.