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IKEA is more than happy to foster this emotional connection with its customers (and their wallets).

In fact, their Nanjing location hosted a triple wedding. “My daughter, who is blonde with curly hair, was the flower girl,” she said.

The dating site released the data, averaged from 6,289 profiles from its 100 million users, ahead of May 20 ­– “China’s Valentine’s Day” because the Chinese characters for the date China's Romeo gets his comeuppance after wooing at least 17 ‘Juliets’ at the same time Its findings reflect attitudes of gender imbalance in the country, which still emphasise men as the primary breadwinners in the family, a notion supported by nearly half of the men in the survey.

The results take place in a country that is contending with an abnormally high ratio of men to women after decades of a one-child family planning policy.

I feel like I'm trapped inside a Transformer which has just woken up.Women in China still don’t hold up half the sky when it comes to dating, with most saying they want to date men who earn double or triple what they do, a new survey found.More than 54 per cent of women said they preferred the men they date to earn twice what they do, and 30 per cent saying men should earn three times as much, according to the survey by Chinese dating website Zhenai.Last year, there were some 33.6 million more men than woman in China, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.This dynamic comes into play in the survey’s “clinginess” index, which shows men want to spend more time, and more often, with their significant others.