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BSTs also increase the surface friction of the pavement, due to the addition of the cover aggregate.

This combats the effects of raveling, which can make the pavement slippery and stopping difficult.

BSTs create a new wearing course, as well as a waterproof covering for the existing pavement.

A BST makes it more difficult for water to enter the base material, and preventing freeze thaw damage for those locations with below freezing temperatures.

Multiple myeloma often occurs in patients who are older, the median age at diagnosis for multiple myeloma is 70 and less than 35% of patients who are newly diagnosed are younger than 65 years old.

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Obviously, in a Clinical Trials Network study, which we participated in, there were 4 RVD cycles.It seems that all of these trials use maintenance routinely now. Keith Stewart, MB, CHB: The audience may not be familiar with the meta-analysis, so why don’t you tell them what that was?Sagar Lonial, MD: The meta-analysis is data that was presented at ASCO last year.Requests and enquiries concerning reproduction and rights for commercial purposes within Australia should be addressed to The Director of Finance and Administration, Australian Accounting Standards Board, PO Box 204, Collins Street West, Victoria 8007.All existing rights in this material are reserved outside Australia.