Dating of multidose vials in hospitals

In other areas in which insulin is kept as general stock in Pyxis or in the refrigerator, as long as the insulin dose is drawn up and labeled at the Pyxis Med Station or in the Medication Room using aseptic technique and a clean syringe and the vial is returned immediately to Pyxis or to the refrigerator, the vial may be used on multiple patients.However, once a multiple dose insulin vial is brought into an individual patient’s room it cannot be used again on any other patient.

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They should not be shared or used on multiple patients.

Also, if sterility is questioned or compromised the multi-dose vials should be discarded regardless of the date.

Labeling the multi-dose vial with the date opened will not meet the intent of this requirement.

Standard MM. requires that all stored medications are labeled with the expiration date.

The Joint Commission defines the expiration date as "the last date that the product is to be used".

Dating of multidose vials in hospitals