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But something that even the most intrepid of travellers and globetrotters can struggle with is meeting people and making friends in a new country.Hong Kong is a very particular region of the world – similar to hundreds of other cities but also outstandingly unique.That’s when your pin-sharp, postcard photos are taken.

The most recent scandal - following a spate of complaints from tour groups claiming they had been forced by guides to go shopping - saw a tour leader last week allegedly assault a mainland Chinese tourist after a argument over (again) shopping arrangements.

A selection of books for French learning, ranging from comic strips to renowned literature such as The Little Prince and Little Nicolas was available for sale at the booth.

In addition, books from our French authors invited were also be available.

The Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau participated in the Hong Kong Book Fair 2016 from 20 to 26 July this year.

In partnership with the French bookstore Parenthèses, a booth named “Welcome to France ! 悅讀法國) represented the French presence at the International Cultural Village.