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I'm thinking it may have something to do with the unexployer Mass Relays, because there is no place else that would justify a sequel.

And there is no paralleling of saving the galaxy [INSERT REAPER REPLACEMENT HERE] I really liked ME 1 and 2, but there were lots of things about ME3 I didn't like.

It's an okay game, but it was an incredibly lackluster conclusion.

So, I'm seriously doubting my ability to get excited for a new Mass Effect.

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Also, I'm sure it will be a big leap visually, frostbite is a great engine and it will look even better in the right artists/leveldesigners hands. Every game will tell different story just like DA but it will have connections to previous or parallel plots.For me, Mass Effect 3 was a mixed bag but I definitely enjoyed playing it.The two main things I didn't like were 1) the ending and 2) how Cerberus suddenly became evil again at the drop of a hat.US Bazaar's Laura Brown recently featured another transgender model in her column, but Google isn't turning up a name for me.Laura seems to be a driving force behind using transgender models editorially ...