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AFI singer Davey Havok is certainly an accomplished and celebrated musician, and now the vocalist is about to delve into the world of books to make his debut as an author.In Havok’s upcoming novel ‘Pop Kids,’ the singer explores the modern teenage obsession with social networking, reality TV, internet porn, fashion, film, music, sex and drugs.

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We’re very honest in our writing and that appeals to them.The most recent AFI album, ‘Crash Love,’ was released back in 2009, and since AFI has constantly been releasing new material since their ‘Dork’ EP in 1993, fans may be wondering what exactly Havok has been up to since AFI’s 2009 record.In addition to his side project Blaqk Audio, the apparent answer is ‘Pop Kids,’ which has been given an April 4 release date by Black Candy Publishing.The publishing company offers an in-depth analysis of what readers can expect from ‘Pop Kids': Acknowledging the power of popular culture to serve as both a corrupter and a creative force, Havok welcomes readers into a world where wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, and indulging in a vicious cycle of self-gratifying behaviors is more important than anything else.Parents, teachers, and other adults are but vague shadows in the lives of these teens.