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The magic night finally happened..a house party and he was there..."Spin the bottle anyone"...!!!!!!!!!!!! The luck of the draw ..in this case, the spin..in my favor...

In a fit of bravado, I became a little flirtatious in one of my notes.

You can tour planets, stars and celestial objects like the Rosebud Nebula at Stardome Planetarium.

Valentine packages include the show, champagne, a gift basket and your own adopted star that comes with a certificate, a star chart showing where to find it and info on its constellation. At Eden bar in The Rimrock Resort Hotel guests can try the “My Name is Jewel” martini.

Plus, he adds, the anticipation of only seeing people once a summer can amplify emotions.

“The whole year, you might be thinking about that boy or that girl, so they become a romantic ideal in your head.” With sleep-away season in high gear, we found five couples who got hitched after first meeting at camp.