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Featuring breathtaking graphics and a vast, beautiful game world to explore, Ever Quest II sets new standards in graphical realism as players are immersed in the game's epic storyline with thousands of other players online.Players will encounter hundreds of unique creatures as they journey across the majestic landscape of rolling hills, lush forests, and bustling cities. Both Next and Landmark are advancing the MMO genre in wildly innovative ways, be it through Minecraft-esque destructible environments or truly expressive facial animations.The entire world of Norrath has been rebuilt from the ground up with a voxel based system--which is to say, everything is now made up of tiny little chunks.Go around the side and mole your way into the wine cellar for a sneak flank attack.Having this level of destructive freedom opens up new possibilities never found in an MMO before.In this new world, you will require skills and information to assimilate and be useful; things like strangling terrorists with their own detonation cord, or sky diving onto a Somali pirate ship with a knife between your teeth might come to mind.

Journey to the land of Hydaelyn and become an adventurer in a...Two standard packages -- one CD-ROM, the other DVD-ROM -- will each be available for .99, and will include a bonus in-game item and in-box item.Dedicated fans might want to seek out the limited-quantity Collector's Edition, however.Problem is, he’s FAT, and the US military has regulations and rules regarding this.The Army tells him it will take several months of hard training to bring the weight down to an acceptable level.