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Now getting back to those signs I was telling you about.Back in the late eighties power dressing was the norm for women in business and at that time I wore a lot of leather.One of these days, I had to urgently use the computer to send an official report to my office through email. And I couldn’t wait any longer.“Beta, I need it urgently” I told my son “Just give the computer to me for 15 minutes and I will give it back to you after that”“Dad, please I can’t give it to you now” he replied “Nikhil, I am not joking” I said more sternly “ I always leave the computer to you, but I need it now”“Oh Dad, you are sometimes so painful” he said, and put the screen off “ Take the computer, I am going out to meet Ajay”“Learn to talk properly to your father” I scolded him But my words fell on deaf years.He didn’t even bother about me.“Ma, I am going to Ajay’s house, “ he screamed out “Nikhil, eat something and go” My wife insisted “No Ma, I am not hungry now” Nikhil replied and slammed the door shut, as he left I was watching my son’s behavior and was getting irritated.“Jyoti, he is going to go out of hand like this” I told my wife “You have to be more strict with him.Kath was passed out and had her head in her mother's lap. We love to play and do naughty things to keep things spicy, but it’s not easy being the mo...- Jake and myself; both now seventeen, grew up just a street apart and attended the same high school. - “Slowly, Mr Daniels," instructed my mother after Dean sank to his knees and began licking and slobbering over her like a rabid dog.

Slowly over days, the situation reversed, and I had to wait for my son to finish with the computer before I could start working.My life had just become humdrum, cases that no longer challenged me and coming home to the same old existence.A son on his computer a ready meal and some old crap on the tv and a few to many gin and tonics. Sex was none existent as no one at work interested me and I never had the chance to socialise outside of work.Chatting brings mother close to son --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I used to spend a lot of time on the computer in our house because of work.But as my son Nikhil started growing up, he started getting interested in the computer too.