Most intimidating sports uniforms

And while Palermo of Serie A has long rocked the color, it's A. Cesena that nails it this season with their third shirt.

The color and design are actually a tribute to Marco Pantani, a legendary Italian bicycle racer who tragically passed away back in 2004, and who was well known for his pink jerseys.

A lifelong resident of the area, he has a good idea of how Philly fans think and loves the passion they have for their teams.

He's here to ask the questions that you want answered.

Visions of beautiful work swirl in your head, but are narrowed due to lack of resources.

A KU spokesperson said the names would be on the backs of the Crimson Chrome uniforms when they're worn this fall.

As you can see, the players seem to like them a lot and have not missed any of the little details that make them unique.

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