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Individual sites of interest in Lyons-la-Foret include the covered market place, dating from the 17th century and still the location of the weekly market, held in Lyons-la-Foret each Thursday.The market hall is at the centre of the town with various shops in the surrounding buildings.The poor sales of those albums resulted in record label pressure on the band that led to their disbandment in 1986; a subsequent comeback featured only three members of the classic line-up.The album received some critical acclaim, but achieved no commercial success, and Columbia Records ended their contract with Blue Öyster Cult at the completion of the Imaginos Tour.* One bumpy Tuk Tuk ride later, my scarf whapping wildly against the metal roof, my backpack balanced on one knee, we are at the train station.We are late, with five minutes until our train departs, and I run after Emma, my legs weak and my chest heaving and my belly tight. But then we are on the train, and I am lying down with my cheek against the hard leather bed and a crisp off-white sheet laid upon me.

That tale was recalled by a treasure chest full of tubs planted by girls from the 3rd Wisbech Brownies.

I go to sleep in India, and in the morning I wake with my stomach roiling, the pain in my belly sharp and hot.

I curl on my side, and sleep and sleep and sleep, the voices of my foreign roommates at the hostel in Varanasi close to my ear but far from my conscious.

Eighteen hours passes fast when you’re exhausted, and the next thing I know, I awake in a pool of sun to the low call of “Chai! ” from an Indian man carrying a metal thermos up and down the aisle.

I order two fried potato somosas wrapped in newspaper and manage to keep one down. * Suddenly, in the glow of my restored health, India blooms.