Podcasts not updating in itunes

It also servers as the app store for applications for i OS devices such as the i Phone and i Pad.Apple's Podcasts app is no longer the worst app Apple ever made, as my colleague Rick Broida argued years ago.The Podcasts app offers little help on either front because of how poorly it manages downloads.I appreciate these settings, but the Podcasts app does no favors for someone like me who sometimes streams and sometime downloads.Broida checked back with the app last year and discovered that, after a major overhaul, it was serviceable, which may be the nicest thing anyone's ever said about the Podcasts app. Like most phone users, I'm am fighting a war on two fronts.For me, the app's serviceability makes it all the more maddening. I am battling to stay below my data cap each month, while also attempting to avoid seeing the "Storage almost full" warning on my i Phone.There’s bound to be an issue with at least one of them.Once you diagnose the plugin or theme that is causing your issue, let us know and if we can do something about it we will.

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Thus various publishing platforms (i Tunes, Stitcher, etc.) see the new show notes, but when they download the actual media it is the previous week. refid=stpr you can see that the last podcast is listed as #05-2016 (title updated) and the previous podcast is listed as #04-2016. For some reason Stitcher is getting the new “meta data” of the show, including the name “#05-2016” but it is actually playing old an old media file if you either listen to it, or see its run time.

However even though it says it is playing the 05-2016.mp3 it is actually playing the previous show 04-2016.mp3.

After spending the last four days walking down public troubleshooting steps across all of these platforms it “feels” like Blubrry is referencing “something new” of the post for some of the information.

Checking validation is easy, any one of the following sites can help you check and make sure your feed is valid: Some validators get straight into the code and are not necessarily podcast specific (W3C and Feedvalidator), others are specific to podcasts. Take your RSS feed URL and plug it into a feed validation service, and see what comes back. If a feed is invalid, you will see something like the above. Your artwork must meet specific requirements, or , you will have problems in i Tunes (in fact, if you are a new show trying to submit, i Tunes will throw an error on submission if your artwork does not meet their requirements).

So what about that second item on the list, artwork. So let’s roll that beautiful footage: Why the emphasis on the third item on the list?