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If that is not what your dealer is offering to do - call MB Customer Care during working hours and i a factual way outline the situation - that will start a back channel "request" from MB for your dealer to get this taken care of to your satisfaction. Mercedes is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, which will be a software fix.

But otherwise I'm locked out -- can't change presets or do anything else with satellite radio. I contacted Sirius and they sent the activation signal again but no change.

Anyone have an idea of how to force a reset or do anything else?

Mine went back to saying I was unsubscribed this morning , I called and tried to send a refresh, but it didn't get there before I arrived at work.

Unfortunately, I drove into my parking garage before it quit.

But otherwise I'm locked out -- can't change presets or do anything else with satellite radio. I dunno -- if Mercedes is the only vehicle manufacturer that seems to have this problem with Sirius, that strikes me as a Mercedes problem. I'll let you know what happens once the antenna has been switched out. But switching out the control unit didn't do the trick. I had thought that perhaps it was a bad wiring harness, but if you're having the problem, too, then that's unlikely (my thinking is that the wiring harness got nicked in installation). I have owned my 2014 GLK for around 12 hours and on the second drive the SAT came up "Updating Channels" and never completed. Frankly, what I'm wondering is that perhaps this is ultimately a software issue. They replaced the antenna, and the problem was still present.

This time, my subscription still has 5 months on it.

While it was doing this, I was still able to listen to the channel I had it originally tuned to.

We went through 30 minutes of troubleshooting and testing different ways of trying to solve this.

He also tried turning on the demo signal and that didn't work either. But I never lose the preview channel so I am getting something. I'm expecting a call from one of their engineers tomorrow.