Updating samsung tv firmware

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This guide is written around the assumption that the user is using a copy of Windows XP - the process may vary on other operating systems.

A common issue with recent Samsung monitors is a fault in which no video signals are picked up - in my experience, updating the firmware fixes this fault.

The images above are taken from a gude published by Samsung that explains how to use the Samsung Firmware Updater software - however it was written in very badly translated English.

When I called 800-SAMSUNG I was told by the tech that since I was experiencing no problems with the TV at the time I updated the TV's firmware that I should not have done so.

Remember to NEVER disconnect the monitor during its upgrade process, as this may render the monitor unusable.

Samsung worked great until yesterday, 27 August 2013.

Now it is updating everytime I turn on the Internet and Apps.

I went to the Samsung website and downloaded the latest firmware for his model. When he's inserting the USB stick it is saying there is no file to update? If you go back to the Samsung webpage you got the firmware from, just below you will find a pdf upgrade guide which will tell you how.

As soon as I posted this thread I then went back to the Samsung website and seen that the file had to be unzipped.