Validating environmental scan

 The 2013 AHA Environmental Scan provides a broad view of the national health care landscape.It is a compilation of the critical issues and emerging trends that health care leaders, trustees, consumers and other stakeholders are experiencing today or have a high probability of facing in the foreseeable future.Default The default value for this parameter is operating-system specific.The default for the Solaris 2.6 Operating System is 32768 bytes (32 KB).

The global environment refers to the macro environment which comprises industries, markets, companies, clients and competitors.

The scan is developed annually to offer the AHA's members, strategic partners, staff and others insights and information about market influences that are likely to affect the health care delivery system, and to help health care leaders respond in ways that benefit patients, communities and the entire field.

The 2013 AHA Environmental Scan is the foundation of the AHA's three-year strategic plan.

In the prototyping stage, engineers create actual working samples of the product they plan to produce.

Engineering verification testing (EVT) is used on prototypes to verify that the design meets pre-determined specifications and design goals.